The Coveted’s Jennine Tamm

Rebecca Yap chats to Jennine Tamm, founder of ‘The Coveted’ and Independant Fashion Blogger, a fashion resource for members of fashion Industry

A dream job, a shopping addiction and a passion for blog reading were the catalysts that led 34-year-old Califor- nian, Jennine Tamm, to create her fashion blog, The Cov- eted, in 2007. “I had been interested in blogs since about 2002 when I heard people were keeping ‘diaries’ online. I even tried starting an online diary, but my daily life really isn’t that interest-ing,” said Jennine. Almost three years on, the combination of the three gave her “a purpose, a subject and a passion” to keep blogging and constantly improving her blog. Fashion blogging only became a full-time job for her when she found time after moving to Germany with her husband (then boyfriend).

Armed with necessities – a computer, a DSLR for feature photos, a point and shoot camera ‘just in case’, a video device, photo editing software, and coffee, Jennine gives readers the “latest scoop on sustainable fashion, beauty trends, eco-beauty, vintage clothing, emerging designers, and how fashion and beauty relate to personal style.” She constantly looks for fashion inspirations and ways to reinvent her wardrobe (we particularly like how she turned a gaucho into a one-shoulder dress) and contemporize vintage pieces. Diane Pernet, Susie Bubble, and Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style are other fashion blog- gers that inspire her.

The London College of Communications graduate is also the founder of Independent Fashion Blogger (IFB) – a resource and community of fashion bloggers. She recently put together the Dress-up parties for IFB for New York and London Fashion Week. “It was so great to see all the other bloggers I had been reading for years. I can’t wait to do the NYFW Dress up party this September,” said Jennine. Some of the fashion bloggers have become some of her best friends over the years.

For Jennine, blogging is a ritual. She faithfully blogs five days a week and on rare occasions, on the weekends. “There are so many things to write about, and so little time to actually post. I usually don’t have a problem coming up with a post, so even if I want to take the day off (and I do) I must make sure I put in an hour to post something,” remarks Jennine.

She usually tries to get one post out by noon CET (Central European Time) and another for her US audience between 9am EST or 12pm EST, which is 9am for her “West Coast lovelies”.

For now, she will be taking a short break by making American- styled pancakes for brunch!

Follow Jennine and you might get a peek at her most coveted wardrobe item – her unique pale wedding dress designed by Berlin based designer, Jennifer Gilpin.