With Dirtyglam’s Antonia Blechinberg

Founder of online magazine Dirtyglam, 17-year- old Finnish Antonia Blechingberg tells us why blogging will always be a part of her life.

When and why did you start blogging?

I started my first blog about 2 years ago, but on Dirtyglam I’ve been blogging for almost 1 year now. I started blogging because I wanted a place to collect my thoughts and my inspirational photos. So I thought, why not share this with others?

How has your blog changed your life?

I’ve got many new lovely friends, offers, opportunities and knowledge of fashion, etc. I really can’t imagine my life without blogging. And now I really know that it’s fashion I want to work with when I’m older.

What areas of your life have been most affected, positively and negatively?

I don’t see many negative things with blogging. The only negative is that it sometimes affects my education. You know, when you blog instead of doing what you should be doing.

Do you feel a certain pressure to maintain your blog even when you want to take a
day off from the whole thing?

Not really. If I don’t feel like blogging it’s better to take a day off. Otherwise my posts get really boring.

How do you cope with the pressure of maintaining your blog every day?

Before I had huge pressures on me, I wanted to update my blog all the time, but the posts got really bad and uninteresting. But nowadays I only update my blog when I have something I really want to show or say.

How much of your time does fashion blogging consume?

It depends. But I spend like 4-6 hours a day on the computer. Reading blogs, searching for inspirational images, reading fashion news and blogging, etc. So sure it takes some time, but I think it’s fun. So it doesn’t really matter that it takes time.

Fashion bloggers are a strange breed. Do you have any of your own weird blogging

I wouldn’t say that I have any weird blogging quirks. Or I can’t think of any. I just go for it.

What time of day do you usually blog and where?

I love to blog in the evenings and on the nights. I love the peace and quiet. I prefer to blog on my own computer in my own house. But blogging at a café with an ice-cold coca cola is not bad either.

What are you up to at the moment?

Nothing special actually. But I have promised my readers and myself to start taking more pictures of myself for the blog.

Fashion blogging is fast becoming a recognized media to view fashion, what do you think will be the next new technology?

That’s a really difficult question. I’ve never thought about that. Right now I just think that fashion blogs are going to get even bigger and more sensitive.

Name 6 must-have items for your blogging kit ( what you need to blog).

My computer of course, inspiring images, thoughts and reflections, time!! (I hate to write posts in a hurry) A blogging mood, something to eat or drink haha. And music, that’s it.

10 top favorite spots in the summer and why?

The beach, my summer cottage, south Europe, my big balcony where I take in the sun and eat BBQ food with my friends, summer parties, sailboat, the archipelago, flea markets, cozy summer café and outdoor restaurants. Why? All the spots scream summer.

What has been your star moment as a blogger so far?

Some offers I’ve got. And some friends I’ve become really close to thanks to the blog. Another important thing to me is that my low self-confidence has improved because of my adorable readers.

Style icons?

I really like Mary-Kate Olsen, Alexa Chung and Tallulah Morton.

Who do you follow?

I follow up to 100 blogs. But my favorite blogs are anywho (anywho.cover.dk),monjolie (monjolie.blogspot.com), Linn Gustafsson (pause.se/bloggar/linn-gustafsson/) and 4th and bleeker (4thandbleekeragency.blogspot.com)

What is your most coveted item in your wardrobe?

It’s my leather jacket I bought last fall from H&M. I use it about every day. With about everything.