mentions Sketchbook Magazine

Review: It’s a fairly little known fact that many Bahrainis are, for a fact, very fashionably ambitious. And it depresses me to see such talent go to waste. But what really excites me the most is noticing such talents make it big. Both on the local, and international scene. We’ve already got Misha Nonoo selling her designs

 to Henri Bendel in New York- and now we have Wafa Al Obaidat. A young london-based Bahraini fashion editor, Wafa just recently launched the first issue of her quarterly fashion magazine: Sketchbook.

The mag’s first issue, The Fashion Blogger Issue, highlights the industry’s most recognized talents as far as blogging. It’s one of those magazines that while you’re reading, you’re sure that a chunk of hard work, love and innovation have been put into it. Very original. And instead of being commonly filled with photos, the magazine is beautified with astounding, exclusive sketches; of both bloggers and clothes. As for the content? Sketchbook magazine is no short of exclusive editorials and interviews.