“Ready for the Twin?” – Style Bubble

Date : October 19th, 2009

Title of Blog Post :Ready for the Twin?

I was thinking I might be slowing down on the new magazine front but actually there has been a flux of new super-focused, fairly niche-led publications on the loose now; Lurve, Love Want, Sketchbook and Wanchor to name a few. New to the list is a fashion and arts bi-annual Twin that is launching 5th November. What was interesti

ng to me was that helming the title is Becky Smith, founder and ex-creative director of Lula Magazine and looking at this taster of Twin, it’s pretty far away from Lula, content-wise and stylistically which for some people, it’s a good thing if you can’t take heavy doses of girly dreamscapes, floaty frocks and err… Tennesse Thomas and Karen Elson.Link: http://www.stylebubble.co.uk/style_bubble/2009/10/ready-for-the-twin.html