SKETCHBOOK magazine as seen on Filep Motwary’s blog ‘Un Nouveau Ideal’

Review: Dear iDEALS, founded in the heart of Notting Hill, 23-year-old Bahraini born Wafa Alobaidat aimed to create an independent publication that was creative, playful and did not take itself too seriously.

Experiencing fashion and art in her 5 years of living in London and through her blog Fashion Ambitions, the magazine-aholic dreamed of buying a publication from the shelves rich with illustrations, drawings and images that celebrated young individuals’ talents; these talents who were at the forefront of their careers, experimenting with creative ideas in their labs and studios.

When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, for she created it herself, putting together a team of 150+ individuals who contributed and got involved with the first issue, an homage to Style Bubble, her fashion icon and all her favorite fashion bloggers.

If she could describe Sketchbook Magazine it would be part portfolio, part character sketch and filled with lots of fashion/art/culture tidbits in between. The Fashion Blogger issue has an estimated print run of 10,000 and will be sold online via selected links.

Sketchbook Magazine can be purchased and previewed online at .

Part II of the Fashion Bloggers Issue can be viewed at