Sketched and Etched Bloggers issue as seen on Susie Bubble’s blog ‘Style Bubble’

Review: I’m writing this without the ability to actually reference the magazines physically as I’ve left them at work so this will test how much of a permanent impression they’ve left on my less-than-efficient brain. I will however have to come back and re-edit this post with names of photographers, stylists, writers and illustrators to give credit where credit is due so bear with me. I am expanding on what I said before about Sketchbook magazine which landed on my desk this week because the sneak preview of content was quite sufficient but of course as with most magazines, holding it in your hand produces a different experience anyway.

In the case of Sketchbook, you’re holding two parts to make one issue because of the way it’s produced via the company MagCloud. It’s my first experience of print-on-demand mags which explains why each part of the first Sketchbook issue is $28 (printing in small quantities means a higher cost). That said, I also happen to have the sentance “magazines are a snapshot in time” ringing in my ears and so I look upon these two issues, which are entirely dedicated to fashion bloggers in content and visual treatment, as exactly that; something that probably no other publication will ever do making them unique entities. Without being able to see into the crystal ball of fashion blogging, perhaps the glass ceiling has been reached and the media attention will dim, thus rendering these two issues as something that marks a milestone in the fashion blogging timeline.

Reading Wafa Alobaidat’s editor letter, I cowered in shame at my own initial dimissal of being on the cover: “Oh it’s no biggie… the point of the cover is to showcase John Paul Thurlow’s cool sketch art, not ME per se… they just picked me probably because I happen to be in London” or some such typical pessimistic statement. Then I go and read the editor’s letter yesterday and nearly wept a bit on the bus… Wafa writes about her experiences of reading the blog whilst being unhappy studying a course she didn’t want to do and being inspried by it in variosu ways… it’s difficult summarising such a letter without sounding like a twat and I’m not going to blatantly regurgitate it for ego-boosting purposes so I’ll give a wee excerpt…

“Lastly, I know Susie has heard this a million times before but in case you want to hear it again, you have influenced my choice of career and opened my eyes to a whole new world. I really do believe I am doing what I love to do because of you and your blog. ”

I’m of course incredibly touched by the letter but also completely shocked to hear confessions of how the blog has steered the professional course of someone else’s life when most of the time, I’m thinking the blog is just another dot on an RSS feed. What is incredible though is that, Wafa and her team laud fashion bloggers in their issue, but it is they who have taken the time and effort to assemble over 100 contributors to create a printed publication, which I think is a far grander task than logging into Typepad and typing a bit of text. So Wafa, you may be praising me in your letter, but it’s you who has taken it into your own hands to create your own magazine… nuff said…