Crazy for Coco

Here at Sketchbook, illustration is one of our passions. Taking us back to the roots of what we love, design and illustration is where the creative process begins. So you can imagine our excitement when flicking through the stylish pages of Vogue, Nylon and Elle to name a few, we discovered the illustrative ladies and fantastical musings of designer/illustrator COCO, otherwise known as Parisian CORRINE BRUN.
BRUN’s images have a magical quality to them, predominantly in black and white they are lifted by the flourish of a cheek or the fabric of a dress, as if taken straight from her sketchbook, while simultaneously being fully fledged illustrations composed of sharp shapes and soft silhouettes.

With a fine arts education and the insider scoop as a communication consultant for leading fashion designers behind her, BRUN started producing illustrations ‘as a favour to friends in the fashion industry who needed them for look books, magazines and websites.’ Once her designs were let out into the fashionsphere the press interest came rolling in and the rest as they say is fashion history.

Splitting her time between Paris and London, BRUN finds ‘inspiration in a wide variety of places’ and feels at ease with the visual landscapes of both cities’, which she describes as ‘a byword for innovation, creativity and metropolitan edge.’ For the creative process she looks to the un-tampered techniques of painting, drawing and ceramics before designing the final image digitally, favouring the final result of combining these traditional and modern approaches.

As the demand for her illustrations grew BRUN launched her own line, FORGET ME NOT, an array of silk scarves displaying ‘Art Mode’ digital illustrations based on her own personal compositions, allowing us to literally wrap ourselves up in her art as blogger CLAIRE LEVICK does in her 14.12.09 post.



Illustrator: CORRINE ‘COCO’ BRUN