Sketchbook magazine Review

Review:These days, magazines are a dime a dozen, popping up like prairie dogs from little holes in the ground and disappearing just as quickly under the unpredictable and swift blow of new technology and fickle consumer mallets. That’s why I nodded emphatically and passed my computer screen a meaningful smile when I found out about Sketchbook M

agazine. Not only is Sketchbook a print publication, its first issue is dedicated entirely to bloggers – the evangelists of a democratic and fast-paced media market, and the antitheses of traditional modes of media, like magazines.Blogging is only growing stronger as a serious forum for promoting and discussing fashion, so the voice of the blogger has never been more powerful, nor has the discourse blogs facilitate.

As the fashion industry increasingly tunes in to the beat of the blogger, Sketchbook, rather than trying to fight the rising tide, has embraced it. Following closely in the footsteps of Pop Magazine (who recently featured blogger Tavi of Style Rookie on their cover), Sketchbook has paid tribute to the original fashion blogger- the catalyst, or even the Queen, if you will – Susie Bubble.

With odes to other prolific bloggers like Diane Pernet and Garance Dore, Sketchbook is going where few print magazines have really gone before, throwing itself head over heels into the bloggers domain. This marrying of means, although small scale, is somewhat revolutionary, and with a number of publications facing the onslaught of blogging prowess and subsequent dips in sales and popularity, it seems Sketchbook is taking a step in the right direction, facing the blog monster head on. Afterall, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Right?

Founded in London by 23 year old Wafa Alobaidat, Sketchbook is a magazine dedicated to illustration, and showcases the work of emerging creative in fashion, design and culture with a distinctly whimsical note. With a philosophy that focuses on creative processes and production, Sketchbook provides a great behind the scenes glimpse into fashion and related industries.