Stalking Strangers with Sophie Calle


‘Talking to Strangers’ is a fitting name for SOPHIE CALLE’S latest exhibition. On a chilly afternoon at the Whitechapel Gallery, her ‘Take Care of Yourself’ installation gave me my first encounter with Calle’s strangers. The infamous piece was born from

Nylon Japan: Number 1 blogger to watch

Nylon Japan: Features Fashion Editor Kristin Knox as the Number 1 blogger to watch Link:  

Sketchbook magazine

Dec 3 2009

Review:The London based independent magazine, SKETCHBOOK, showcases new creative talents in fashion , design and culture around the globe and has launched its first edition. Founded in the heart of Notting Hill, 23-year-old Bahraini born Wafa Alobaidat aimed to create

Abu Dhabi: Setting the pace of Art in the Middle East


When asked to pinpoint the arts centre of the Middle East, most people would opt for the United Arab Emirates, and more specifically, Dubai. As the commercial and economic nucleus of the region, the city has seen a massive influx

Sketchbook magazine Review

Dec 2 2009

Review:These days, magazines are a dime a dozen, popping up like prairie dogs from little holes in the ground and disappearing just as quickly under the unpredictable and swift blow of new technology and fickle consumer mallets. That’s why I

Autumnal Rise with Maria Luisa Hernandez


Due to the insane amount of traffic that day I was running quite late to the home/studio of MARIA LUISA HERNANDEZ for the intimate reception she was having, showcasing some of her recent artwork. I eventually arrive at Maria’s apartment,

Spotted at Abu Dhabi Art


Damascus was once known for its skilled glass-blowers, but the changing face of the city means this ancient craft is in real danger of being lost. One of the few workshops in operation is that of Saudi designer AHMAD ANGAWI,

Sketchbook magazine brings a new quarterly twist as seen on Creative Boom’s webiste

Nov 27 2009

Review: We’ve discovered Sketchbook – a new quarterly magazine that showcases established and emerging creative talents in fashion, design and culture with a focus on features, photography and illustration. Featuring original sketchbook graphics, exclusive interviews with scientists in jelly and

SKETCHBOOK magazine as seen on Filep Motwary’s blog ‘Un Nouveau Ideal’

Nov 27 2009 #2

Review: Dear iDEALS, founded in the heart of Notting Hill, 23-year-old Bahraini born Wafa Alobaidat aimed to create an independent publication that was creative, playful and did not take itself too seriously. Experiencing fashion and art in her 5 years

Better late than never, Sketchbook’s full review of the Frieze Art Fair

Frieze Arts Fair, Regents Park, London on October 17th 2009.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Frieze Art Fair is a yearly art experience where paintings, sculptures, installations and many more things are thrown at you from every angle, all beneath a single roof. The Frieze Art Fair