Sketchbook Magazine The Blogger Issue as seen on Nathan Pask’s website , Nathan Pask Photography.

Nov 25 2009

Review: I’m a bit late to the party, but I had a few images published recently in Sketchbook Magazine. The magazine is based around fashion and design, so there was a certain irony to being contacted by Luma, the features

Pink Balloon


It is always lovely to get something to brighten up your post box, and last week here at Sketchbook we got a lovely package from designer Kirsty Fletcher. She sent us a balloon with her contact information printed on it,

Sketched and Etched Bloggers issue as seen on Susie Bubble’s blog ‘Style Bubble’

Nov 12 2009

Review: I’m writing this without the ability to actually reference the magazines physically as I’ve left them at work so this will test how much of a permanent impression they’ve left on my less-than-efficient brain. I will however have to

Living Dangerously with Roxane Borujerdi


In a way we are always at work. It matters little if we are out shopping, sleeping, earning or eating, it is always work.  There is no time to be political. How can we be if we are caught in


Nov 2 2009 #3

Review:Udvalget af forførende og glossy kvalitetsmagasiner har vokset sig enormt de seneste ti år. Derfor er det en fordel med en smule hjælp til at navigere rundt. Et magasin, der er en omtale værd, er det nye London mode- og

Interview with Sketchbook Magazine

Nov 2 2009 #2

Review:Back in May, I was contacted by an upcoming fashion magazine called Sketchbook about doing an interview for their first issue. I met with one of their writers at the Sun and Doves, where my “surreal line” show was being

5 Minutes in Heaven

Nov 2 2009

Review:Recently launched Sketchbook Magazine opened big with the thematically timely “Fashion Blogger” issue, featuring none other than Susie Bubble as lushly illustrated cover girl. A London-based quarterly addressed to “established and emerging creative talents in fashion, design and culture with

Sketchbook Magazine

Oct 31 2009

Review:Currently, it is not available in the shops but is available to download in PDF or to be delivered if bought on the web. I bought the PDFs of both issues as they each have different content. The magazine, set

Sketchbook Magazine Update!

Oct 30 2009

Review: Sketchbook Update! Read my interview with the Editor-in-chief!   RFC: How did your little group of contributors get together? Sketchbook: I pulled in a vast number of my friends/colleagues from my last 5 years as a student and a

Sketchbook Magazine Review on blog

Oct 29 2009

  Review: New magazines come, new magazines go but some just have that certain “je ne sais quoi” that makes me think they’ll achieve longevity in such a fickle industry. Sketchbook magazine has launched its Fashion Blogger Issue that fully