Sarah Beetson

(Pentlands Prize winner: 2003) Sarah Beetson


(7.00pm) Circling the drain, the usual esoteric beats of size zero and outrage amongst the peers echoing………

Room 1- ‘You are what you eat’ illustrative graduate, Sarah Beetson, brings to attention our own vanity, reflected in colour and shape; as if lulling in our own magnificence, ironic how something so controversial can be moulded.

Australian based illustrator, Sarah owns a fiercely creative mind, with a coherent personality to match. Turning back the rock clocks and reliving the works of that ‘Warhol’ so cleverly conjured.

Favouring ‘possessiveness’ to describe her work ethic, pulling inspiration from the early punk arts- (one for Vivienne to keep her eyes on), Pop culture from the 80’s Status Quoe, Vintage and revolution. Safely set in stone is her fervour and compelling nature to deliver uniqueness in controversial form.

Working charitably in the likeness to drive awareness of ‘meningitis’ and ‘anorexia’, Sarah has gained much acclaim for her ‘pezaz’ –yes it’s a word, for titivating post modern harshness.

(8.00pm) Wandering further along the kale corridors, frivolity leapt from the sketches and even a slight grievance amongst the cracks in Sarah’s smiles shone through the ‘edible self’. Revising what appeared as happiness, it came to me that serious metaphors laid within Sarah’s work.

Proudly commissioned by Stella McCartney in 2003, Sarah threw her brains at a project to create a space of philosophy, punk and vividness. Other endorsed works include, yellow door fashion marketing, pop magazine and L’Oreal, as well as designing illustrations for the likes of converse and ad-shirts, her caricatures are instantly distinguishable.

(9.00pm) I come to the end of the row, draped ‘gleefully’ in front of a geriatric dusted statue was colour colossal controversy. Utilising symbology relevant to sickness, mouths and eyes reach across the canvas, clawing at my personal morals. – Certainly gave me a second opinion regarding finishing that ‘McDonalds’.

(9.30pm) ‘Talented in volumes, Sarah Beetson- Beautifully bold.’

(9.45pm) ‘Reality’


December 5th

‘Maverick Showroom, 68-72 Red church Street, London, E2 7DP’


Illustrations SARAH BEETSON