It’s not often that young people get to travel to a developing country and work to benefit the local community. But with the help of PLATFORM 2, now anyone aged 18 to 25 can travel abroad and tackle local injustices and poverty. Funded by UKaid from the Department for International Development and run by Christian Aid and BUNAC, PLATFORM 2 is able to send UK residents to six different countries for ten weeks at a time to see global poverty and injustice with their own eyes.

With destinations in India, Nepal, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Peru there’s plenty of options for volunteers. The great thing about PLATFORM2 is that most of your expenses are paid. Food, flights, housing and supplies are included, all you need is a passport and a train ticket to London!

There is a training period in the UK for one week, then a nine week project in the country chosen for you to volunteer in. When you return there’s a three day residential workshop to help you decided how you are going to share your experience with your peers and community. This could be through blogs, articles, art, photo exhibitions, music or poetry!

Projects the PLATFORM2 sets up can range in anything from teaching to building. They work in schools, children’s homes and in all other facets of the local communities. And they work with all ages, small children to adults, teaching them English, cooking, and other vital life skills.

PLATFORM 2 is an outstanding organisation that gives young people an amazing opportunity that they might otherwise not ever be able to have. Experiences such as these are not common and will last in the minds of the volunteers for a lifetime. Surely you won’t find one of them that doesn’t appreciate the fact that they’ve been able to make a difference in the lives of others.

Platform2 is sponsoring our pop up shop and bringing some creative returned volunteers to our events to learn and share their experiences through creative outlets. Sketchbook will be documenting their creative journey from idea to physical project so keep watching to see where this pop-up shop takes them on their journey!


Images courtesy of PLATFORM2