Aruta gets interactive at the Paper Eaters collaboration at Selfridges

A little gem on the ground floor of Selfridges is the magical world created by the lovely editors of THE PAPER EATERS MAGAZINE, Zoë Sinclair and Andrea Blood. This collaboration with The Photographers Gallery and Selfridges is unique and embraces a similar principle to the one Sketchbook Magazine promotes, capturing new talent and pushing creativity to the limit. You are welcomed into their temporary office space to interact and get involved in the photo story montage, which will be edited by Zoe and Andrea before producing three magazines, one for each week of the exhibition. Most of the work, the photography, comics and illustrations are contributed from the girls themselves. A particularly interesting space is the Paper room that highlights the decline in paper production and the spiralling effect of digital media.

ARUTA, who we all know is an asset to the Sketchbook Team and our Pop Up Shop, was keen to get involved in the live painting project. Every day ARUTA works on large and small canvases to produce his stunning paintings, which are now being displayed and sold in a section the girls have created. It was great to see the interaction between designer and customer as passers by ask questions about his ideas and themes. Check out the link below to see more photos and behind the scene goings on with ARUTA!

This weekend there is a two-day comic workshop with well know illustrator Alexandra Lazar. So, if your looking for some inspiration and somewhere to share your ideas this is the perfect environment to explore your creativity and meet some interesting people along the way. This space is open till the 29th of April so you still have time to enjoy this mouth-watering treat of visual talent.!/event.php?eid=106322269409175&ref=ts

Zoë and Andrea will hopefully be doing a workshop at our Pop Up Shop in Carnaby Street in a few weekends time so keep checking our blog for the latest news and updates on this exciting event.