Carnaby Book new in the Pop-Up Boutique!

The Sketchbook Shop is now stocking ‘Carnaby Street 1960-2010’: a book to accompany the exhibition currently running on Carnaby Street celebrating 50 years of fashion and music in the area. The exhibition was created by Amy de la Haye with Judith Clark from the London College of Fashion and aims to look at the journey which saw Carnaby reach iconic status during the swinging 60’s. During this time it epitomised the vivacity of the pop evolution and went on to become a haunt for mods, skinheads and punks.

The 1960’s were a fascinating era for Carnaby Street but there is so much more to the history of the area and the catalogue tracks the evolution of the street. It starts in 1590, when the area was known as Six Acre Close and was made up of two adjoining fields and it covers the plague, when thousands of bodies were buried under the street. It then talks of the Victorian era when Carnaby first became involved in the fashion industry and on to showcase the past 50 years all through engaging imagery and insightful text.

It is beautifully constructed which is in part due to the exhibition being ‘an exhibition of a catalogue, rather than the more customary catalogue that documents the subject matter of an exhibition.’ It is the perfect coffee table book and worth owning as a little piece of history.

Now when you drop into our pop-up shop you can take a piece of the colour and exuberance of Carnaby away with you!

Carnaby Street 1960-2010, £17