Trend director at Style Sight, Sandrine Maggiani delivered the FIRST talk of the pop-up shop, and it was a great talk that was incredibly informative for those of us who needed a bit of a recap on the Spring/Summer shows. She came in especially from Paris, France to deliver her talk and with over 40 people packed into every corner of our “living room” the talk was worth it, as everyone listened intently and took notes feverishly. She outlined the biggest trends in themes, colours, silhouettes and prints, among other things.

It seems this year that designers are taking everything that is available to them and using it all. A lot of mixing and matching is going on and not one colour, pattern, print or process has been left unused. But as every year, there are noticeable trends that Sandrine as Trend Director has to “detect, decipher and disseminate” as she puts it.

There were 10 major themes that Sandrine made sure to cover; among them were “out from under”, “Roman holiday” and “ancient modern”. “Out from under” emphasises the lingerie as outerwear trend that has the Madonna look going strong. “Roman Holiday” is bringing back the hourglass figure and the 50’s classical style that flatters the feminine form in a way that Audrey Hepburn would be proud of. And “ancient modern” is using that mix and match theme and perfectly blending antiquity with modernity.

Colours were the next section that Sandrine covered, highlighting pale pastels, dusty hues, greys, taupes, and an olive green. Pastels of this season are offering an unusually grown-up sophistication when paired with structured silhouettes. The dusty look to many of the lighter colours, inserting a greyish undertone. Speaking of greys, they continue to be a staple of any wardrobe. Designers are using a shading effect that works so well with grey as well as pairing it with browns and greens that are also popular this upcoming season. Taupes and olive green are the predominant colours and are being used in a glamourous way with luxury fabrics.

Prints will be bold this season with stripes, gingham, and nature taking a front seat. Classic stripes have been revamped with bright colours and gingham is being glammed up and is far from a picnic blanket look. Flowers are going mini and many or big and splashy. Animal prints and abstract nature are incorporating the newest printing technology and turning traditional looks into vivid styles.

Silhouettes seem to be going very clean with either staying very classic, or elegantly modern. The hourglass shape has been the predominant silhouette this season, seen in almost every collection. Instead of just seen as a dress but has now been incorporated into separates. The bell and A-line look has been given a sexy updated look with a higher waist and eliminating the waist all together has also been popular with the tubular shift dress coming back. Finally there is the off-kilter look was probably second to the hourglass. Dresses have taken on an a-symmetrical look this season and the unbalanced look is everywhere.

Sandrine wrapped up her presentation with few minutes to spare as we ran out of time but the response was great and everyone seemed to have been able to take a lot from it. She stayed to have an interview with Sketchbook and also for the Print vs Online panel discussion.