Rebekah Roy came into the pop-up event and held a lecture about styling, getting started and the dangers of multi-tasking. She spoke about developing styles and brands on a personal and global level, sharing her experiences and working processes to show what being a stylist is really all about.

The lecture was inspiring and went very well, and she spoke to all the young creative’s after who were in awe with her work and her ethic. After the lecture Wafa, the editor, sat down with her in the Garden Room and spoke with her about her experiences in fashion.

How did you get started, before being a student, were you in art school?

I’ve always been interested in theatre and fashion, from a really early age. It used to drive my mum crazy! She’d ask if I like something while we were shopping and I’d say “I love that but I Wouldn’t wear it!” It didn’t occur to me until a long time after that I just really appreciated so many different styles. Then when I was studying theatre at university we’d often need costumes and in my group I was the one who could sew, so I’d always make makeshift things, putting on sleeves here and there… and I really enjoyed doing that. And then I got more into the buying side of things – working with sportswear and for embroidery companies and thing like that. I think I was always styling but didn’t realise that’s what I was doing.

I think more since ‘celebrity styling’ it’s been such a craze, I feel like styling is everywhere now!

It is, and that’s part of a business and when you’re studying to be a part of a business it’s not always fun, creative or easy. And the business of fashion, say, a celebrity wearing something, it will sell something for that designer which will bring prestige to the celebrity. And so it really becomes about the business of fashion. I think it’s really important to understand that’s a huge side of it. You can be really creative and do all these wonderful editorials, but like in any art form, you still need to make a living.

What exciting projects do you have going on right now?

I did a shoot the other day with a wonderful new singer; I totally adore her, Eliza Doolittle. She’s super cute and has such a great voice and really has her own style. So my job isn’t about putting a new style on her, its more about finding out what her own style is and helping her develop that. Next week I have a shoot coming up about the Shoreditch Traveler: this person who lives in London, never leaves, yet looks as if they’ve been everywhere.

What would you eventually like to be doing if things keep going your way?

I love working with designers, in-house or for friends, so many things that stylists can do whether it’s working with trends or brand development, or even global development within different brands. That part really interests me.

Sketchbook were very excited that Rebekah Roy came in to hold a lecture and she was refreshing and inspiring to listen to.