Free fashion illustration classes!

On saturday afternoon we held our very first workshop, an introduction to illustration by Gabriela Mot. Gabriela is currently studying for her masters in Textiles and Fashion Design after completing her degree in Fashion Design at the University of Arts and Design in Timisorara, Romania.

The purpose of the workshop was to demonstrate movement, proportion and technique within a simple collage. Together with a group of eager illustrators, Gabriela sketched some simple fashion illustrations, carefully focusing on proportion by using pencils to measure each section. Gabriela also shared some useful techniques of how to create the illusion of movement in a drawing.

The group then began to clothe the figures using collage and colour blocking.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the group proudly clutching their fashion illustrations.

The good news is… Gabriela will be running free workshops everyday from Monday to Saturday at 5pm. Please drop by to join in the creativity.



  • Tormented Sugar

    OMG this looks so FUN! Wish i was there <3 <3 <3

  • Nofar Tsfania

    are the classes still running ?