Interview with Shauna Tranter – Artist-in-residence

How did you get involved with Sketchbook Studio?
I came across the advertisement on the UAL creative opportunities website and seemed like a great thing to be apart of due to what I’ve have seen of the magazine previously. So yeah, I took the chance.

What’s the concept behind the piece you’re working on?
I decided to take the ‘edit’ side of the brief and from there I wanted to play with an image that I have produced before and then edit parts of it give it to give another dimension. For example, taking away parts of the woman’s jacket and replacing it with an image of waves to give the impression of a fur coat.

What do you think of the space we have here at Sketchbook Studio?
The space we were given to create our work was great due to where it was situated – in Carnaby Street, the people I was working along side of and the experience of the different activities going on around us. It was really interesting and an experience I would gladly go through again.

What inspires you?
I like anything weird. I like collecting vintage photographs that have an eerie feel to them and objects such as masks and jewellery. I also have a real passion for fashion and style. Youth culture is very important to me, whether it’s about teddy boys or the street style of this day and age, it always plays a MASSIVE part in the clothes people wear today.

Do you have any favourite artists or illustrators?
I have many! But to name a few: Julie Verhoeven, Egon Schiele, M/M Paris, David Foldvari, James Ghallagher, Marie O’connor and Kenneth Anger.

Interview by: NAVNEET GILL