Naomi Gray x Sketchbook Studio

Two days after first stepping into Sketchbook Studio to view the space, Naomi Gray instantly knew that it was the place to host her editorial shoot for Fiasco Magazine. The super-stylist who has styled shoots for GQ, Disorder, Company and Look drew inspiration from the Dolce & Gabbana Madonna advertising campaign for the shoot that took place at Sketchbook Studio.

A dark and mysterious set was created on the day of the shoot, windows were covered and the lights were turned off. A dark-haired model was sitting whilst the pick-haired make-up artist created a red-lipped face, with bold eyebrows and accentuated cheekbones. The lighting was concentrated and slightly dimmed creating a scene scence emminent of an old Hollywood movie.

For the clothes; a streamlined black leather John Rocha dress hung on the rack, footed by a pair of dark Bernard Chantal stilettos, as well as Eugene Lin and Hannah Sea pieces which were provided by Sketchbook Studio.

WORDS: Osman Ahmed

PHOTOS: Sketchbook Magazine