A night on the Thames with Gabby Young

Some things are beautiful on its own: a great song; a nice melody; an evening with friends; a warm summer night; the lights of London over the calmed waters of the river Thames… Every once in a while there’s a magical instant in which those precious factors collide and is then when one can feel truly blessed.

I experienced one of those wonderful moments about a week ago, while waiting for the unique Gabby Young and the Other Animals to start their gig at the Tamesis Dock, a charming bar/boat resting on the side of Albert Embankment.

The location of the gig was kept secret until early the day of the gig. To be honest, I found the suspense non practical at the beginning, but the surprise was more than pleasant and it really added to the feeling of intimacy that only small gigs can provide.

The first time I heard Gabby Young was at a Sketchbook’s Pop Up Shop in Carnaby Street. Her hypnotic voice swoon me away and the lyrics of “We are all in this together” stuck in my head as prayer. Ever since, I’ve been looking for the chance to attend another of Gabby’s gigs.  It is not like there were no chances: Gabby Young and The Other Animals have entertained the masses on events like Glastonbury and Secret Garden Festival and their agenda is a non-stop tour of events that currently have them in Los Angeles, USA.

On this particular occasion, wasn’t only her enchanting voice that coloured the ambiance. A small stall with pieces of Gabberdashery –a line of clothing and accessories produced by a collective of designers and curated by Gabby Young – was also on display.

Great lyrics, a voice with a range of tones as wide as the ocean, a band of musicians having a good time, and Gabby’s vintage-loving personal style make of Gabby Young and the Other Animals a band to not be dismissed, let alone in these times of canned produced pop princesses with catchy tunes that fade as fast as they win a place in the charts. Music is, after all, one of the most precious forms of art, and the quality; dedication and love into each chord is what makes a song a gift not only for the ears but for the soul. Is that probably the reason why that night, surrounded by friends; fashion; art and good music; I was able to hold my breath to one of those very special moments, when you can simply know that there’s no where else in the world to be, but the place where you are.

Check out Gabby Young ad the Other Animals


Photos 1 & 3 courtesy of Lira Leirner

Photos: 2 & $ courtesy of Sarah Williams

Text: Mariana Moyano