Here is how it began.

In the last ten years or so, online journalism has accomplished an unbelievable feat in taking over as a leading form of media with access to a mass readership. As a new found form of individually inspired reporting and critiquing, blogging has been the largest fad of such journalism in the preceding decade. Taking this as an opportunity to enter such a market, the team that makes Circus have taken it upon themselves to self-publish a “bookazine” that prides itself in reporting such a medium of originality.

Featuring a number of blogs that collectively divulge into a variety of modern day topics like politics, fashion and the dreadful challenge of marriage and alcohol over-indulgence, Circus have developed a manual that makes you believe that you are not alone in your personal embarrassment.

To welcome the release of their book, Circus held an event in Shoreditch named “BlogSlam”. Although sounding malicious –as slamming would- the event was created along the lines of a poetry reading where members of the London blog scene could read their best works to a willing audience. Each reader would be judged by a panel of blog-owning members. As I mentioned, Wafa Alobaidat was preceded as one of the four judges that would be critiquing each blog, as well as Ben from Article Magazine; Amelia, editor of Amelia’s Magazine, and Chris, a freelance blogger and contributor to the Londonist.

Wafa with other judges Nick and Amelia

We met various comedic bloggers that brought up relevant relationship advice and moral issues, whilst being serenading by blogger Rachel pretending to be Gaga slash Beyonce, remixing Telephone. Other bloggers were a tabloid reporter, a human rights activist and a budding fashion journalist and artist.

Tough deliberation

At the end of the readings, the winners were announced as Biscuit and Toast, two single-male bloggers. As single men with married friends, B and T decided it would be rather motivating to start a brotherly dare as to see who could get married first. However, another was to write a post on each date they went on and to rate each candidate out of one hundred in regard to marriage material. This brought great joy amongst audience members as we got to listen to all their awful mishaps and laugh at their tragic lives, giving us a moment to forget our own, of course.

Hilarious Biscuit and Toast. They are both STILL single

During a short interval, I got to talk to Florian Siebeck, photographic director of Circus. We discussed the relevance of Circus in today’s journalistic climate and how they developed such a proposal. Both Flo and Anke Schuhardt (Marketing and Advertising director) studied Online Journalism in Germany and being faithful followers of a variety of blogs and online media, they thought it would be an authentic idea to encourage the advertising of blogs in a magazine accessible to a greater readership. The bookazine (as I’m sure you well know, a combination of both a book and magazine) incorporates the online magazine characteristic in print form. Not yet published by an accredited publishing firm, The Blogger’s Bookazine “Circus” features a variety of lifestyle phenomenon, as well as interviews with Agyness Deyn and Fiona Byrne who too own their own blogging domain under the name “NAAG”.

Anke Schuhardt and Flo Siebeck of Circus

For the second of such an event (the first held in Berlin) held in close timing to London Fashion Week, Circus have developed an intriguing conceptualised idea of young journalists creating newly formed media assemblance through their own hard work and individual expertise.

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