Shanghai Tang Bloggers Breakfast

Shanghai Tang has long been an luxury brand with internationally-situated stores and a reputation for workmanship and oriental heritage design. Yesterday morning saw the gathering of London’s fashion-blogosphere at the Sloane Street store for a breakfast to introduce us to the concept and works of the colourful Chinese brand.

The breakfast was hosted by Jocelyn Yong, the international marketing director who flew in from Hong Kong, where the brand’s main office is based. Her passion for the brand’s work was as inspirational as the breakfast was appetising. After Jocelyn delivered her presentation a breakfast of miniature parma ham toasted sandwiches, quail eggs and quiches, raspberry muesli yoghurt pots and blueberry pancakes with scoops of fruit salad. And of course, coffee.

The table, which was seated by Fashion Foie GrasMademoiselle RobotStyle SlickerBitchbuzzThe Clothes WhispererSimon GDisney Roller Girl, Alex Loves and myself, was soon empty as we all migrated upon the store with our cameras in hand. The interiors of the store are made up of bright backdrops which shelve detailed ornaments, many of which depict dragons and phoenixes. The main fashion collection is housed upstairs whilst the homeware delicatly lies on the lower floor of the store. Shanghai Tang provides aspects of everyday life; childrenswear, furniture, christmas gifts, greeting cards and candles are just a few of the products that form the brand’s scope.

Each of the items from Shanghai Tang retain aspects of Chinese heritage, whether it is the mandarin collar on the men’s shirts, a touch of jade stone or accents bright colours. Simplistic is not the way Shanghai Tang do things, they incorporate as much possible detail into their design, individual items can bring a pleasant touch of intricacy when paired.


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With special thanks to: DeVetta PR, Laetitia from Madamoiselle Robot and Jocelyn Yong.