Au Revoir Paris: Ingrid Vlasov, Marithe + Francois Girbaud and Junko Shimada.‏

It was our last day in Paris and Ingrid Vlasov, Marithe +  Francois Girbaud and Junko Shimada our final Paris fashion week shows. Everybody seemed a bit exhausted, but I’m glad to return back home taking the “fashion eurostar”  to London.

Our first show of the day was Ingrid Vlasov. The collection opened with asymmetric print dresses that is imprinted with feminity and breaths a fresh air of modernity.

Followed by Marithe + Francois Girbaud who presented simple cuts and a puzzle of day looks all in praise of free will.  Joyful models and great soundtrack Marithe + Francois got all the attention.

Junko Shimada collection filled our imagination with exciting navy looks. The designer presented lots of fresh tones along with navy colours and sailor prints.

We finished our evening at Colette were we checked out Stephen Jones’ (known for his unique hats) book launch.

Paris fashion week is the most important and influential in the world.  There is an erotic overtone and visually richness in the City of Lights that you can’t find anywhere else.  It has proved it admirably.

Au Revoir Paris.

Text and images: MATTHEW ZORPAS