Dubai Fashion Week SS11: Dar Al Waad and Sabia Nazir

At the strike of 6, the designers went at their will in setting their latest collections to hit Dubai’s rocking Fashion ramp for SS11. The last minute preparations were complete, all pieces ready to be shown, the audience in anticipation for the ultimate in design.

First we experienced the design of Dar Al Waad. Swinging cuts, swaying sleeves, velvet details and vibrant colours were some of the most fascinating of the elements that made up Dar Waad’s Abaya creation at Dubai Fashion week. The collection was created for the bold and confident women who stride in confidence and independence. Flowers were used predominantly, whether in the hair of the model or print design, attached to the abaya, a robe-like dress, where it emphasized the embroidery in the collar or the element attached at the hip. It fashioned a concept that was “out of the box” in origin stating that you can possess an abaya that you not only can look elegant in, but also feel confident and fun whilst wearing!

Essential beauty factors in the show were red lips and long lashes with the hair of the models completely combed back on their heads. Raising their hands up to emphasize on the flow of the sleeve, the models strutted scantily showing the natural flow of the abaya, resting their hands on their hips to highlight the fine points and cut of the waist.

An exclusive quote was given at the end of the show by the designer himself about his ultimate dream in fashion, “Dubai Fashion Week was a passion I dreamt about since last year, I started working on my new collection since then and today I unveiled one of my greatest passions.”

After the completion of the Ward collection by Dar Al Waad, we were presented with the fine work of Sabia Nazir, her collection eloquently named “Goddess”. The music at the show complimented the powerful elements behind the collection. The colour of the fabric swayed in electric blues, olive greens, beiges, deep maroons and unexpected velvet. Beadwork with glittery crystals and rich details of Indian culture was evident and played a beautiful role in the monarchal portrayal of the collection. Each model wore a stunning headpiece, draped with crystals and rare stones, styled with a classic up do.

As the models strutted down the runway with clothing inspired by modern and traditional influence, their rich makeup created a unified element of perfection. The show eventually concluded with the presentation of a model wearing a bridal headpiece in black and silver with turquoise detailing.

Whilst the audience clapped and the show ended, Sabia Nazir left us with the most beautiful concept of fashion and art.

WORDS and IMAGES: Hessa Al Flahi, Zainab Al Abbas, Asma Al Bulooki

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