The Unknown Hipster

So the “The Unknown Hipster” doesn’t leave us with an accurate description of The Hipster himself, but do you necessarily want to be named when your artistic medium is a variety of Crayola and the limited creativity of a mere pre-adolescent?

Save yourself the shame, or not…

Alas, my critique is useless when the work of The Hipster (found to be who we think is Jean-Phillipe Delhomme) is seen on The Purple Diary Blog and features Olivier Zahm himself along with Waris Ahluwalia and Marina Abromovic as prime subjects, along with the observant depictions of city normalcy in dark sunglasses and long beards (aka. a “hipster”)

Through these un-limitations and variety of fashion clique, I can honestly declare that the illustrations of Jean-Phillipe have become my illegible obsession. They depict a wild craze that evaluate the standard human form (although extracting all fault) but remain spontaneous and instinctive- a real pleasure amongst the idealism of the usual society of fashion.

Along with his work, Jean-Phillipe adds a descriptive text explaining each of the situations he encounters prior to his scrawl, a bit of a descriptive anonymity.

Moving to New York from France, this lead tambourine for the band Uneven Dusk, states that he planned to be either “a painter, a poet, or whichever position was available on the art scene”.

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Images: The Unknown Hipster