It’s not often that young people get to travel to a developing country and work to benefit the local community. But with the help of PLATFORM 2, now anyone aged 18 to 25 can travel abroad and tackle local injustices

Sketchbook’s Pop-Up Shop

Mar 26 2010

Reviewer: by Katie Antoniou Date: 31/03/2010 Time: 10:00 Producer: Sketchbook magazine Price: Get ready for meet the NICE people in fashion Bring along your sketches Surf to See you at Pop-up shop [10, Newburgh St,, W1F 7RN] Celebrating everything

Sarah Beetson


(Pentlands Prize winner: 2003) Sarah Beetson Gallery…. (7.00pm) Circling the drain, the usual esoteric beats of size zero and outrage amongst the peers echoing……… Room 1- ‘You are what you eat’ illustrative graduate, Sarah Beetson, brings to attention our own vanity, reflected

5 Minutes with the FAT Kyds


“FatKyds will never be commonplace” T-Shirt designers FAT Kyds launched in 2009 creating a range of unique, exclusive T-shirts, designed by renowned fine artists and graphic designers. FAT Kyds keep charity close to their heart, donating £1 of each T-shirt sale to

For the blind man in the dark room looking for the black cat that isn’t there


Decoding all the little symbols and latent meanings in art is fun. One of the reasons I love art so much is for that little eureka moment where I think I’ve understood something. Despite this constant quest for understanding, some

Decode: Digital Design Sensations, V&A


Looking back over the introductory decade of the twenty-first century, Decode: Digital Design Sensations comes as a strikingly relevant punctuation point to the last month of the naughties. In an era during which technology has advanced at such a rate