“Hide and Seek” with Mr Clement

In the same studio space once used by Sketchbook Magazine for our previous pop-up in the Newburgh Quarter, Mr Clement -an artist originally from Hong Kong- was recently housed in the Pyrus Store for his Lapin influenced “Hide and Seek” Exhibition.

Describing himself as an illustrator and sculptor under an irregular pseudonym, Mr Clement gathers necessary inspiration that corroborate with his pop-culture designs from comics, popular culture and most strangely, pornography; ultimately creating incredible artworks from various plastics and a once-off taxidermy of a rabbit’s head.

His exhibition was a body of “lapine” or rabbits, a similar catharsis of Fifi Lapin, commonly known as the stylish illustrated bunny in “What Shall I Wear Today?”.

In a small space, Mr Clement uses every dimension to house each of his unique designs, alternating light whilst hiding each display in the smallest of nooks, satisfying the obvious hard work put into each of his pieces.

The “Hide and Seek” exhibition runs until January the 11th at the Pyrus store off Carnaby Street. Admission free.

Take a look at Mr Clement’s website: www.mrclement.com/

Many thanks to Sarah Croll of Goodley PR and Mr Clement, aforementioned artist.

Text and Images: MEGAN McDOWELL