Rising to the Surface at LCC’s ‘Upsidedown’ Summer Show

On the 3rd floor of the Workshop Block at the University of Arts London College of Communication is a maze of imagination and inspiration. Running down corridors and overflowing in rooms are the designs and wares of the University’s current BA Surface Design Programme. An eclectic mix of illustration, print, garments and accessories, furniture, ceramics, carpets, baked goods and more, like kids in a candy store we couldn’t wait to delve into what these designers had to offer.

Surface designer Yijng Ago recycles the single-use face bandage into art by printing it with an iconic Chinese motif inspired by the designer’s home country

Chloe Greatbatch’s Enlace, inspired by a trip to Paris, explores the relationship between fashion and interior, creating patterns that can be applied to multi-surfaces and design disciplines. Cushion patterns are painstakingly hand cut alongside laser cut dress hangings that continue the intricate design.

Taking on a life of it’s own Caz M’s degree show mural awash with colour depicts treasured possessions from her childhood and encourages the viewer to imagine the secret life of these objects.

Peckish and perplexed as the lines between the surface and the design are blurred with images escaping their boundaries as the snake slithers across one surface to the next.

Catching our eye with her cute 60’s pin up girl, designer/maker Laura Percival is inspired by the daily beauty of women, examining this through photography, printed fabric and textile. Re-working household products to take them outside of their original purpose and question woman in today’s society, Laura explores the distinction between beauty and the mundane.

Maria Gimlik’s digitally printed scarves were one of our favourite pieces from the show. Inspired by the migration route of birds, Gimlik combines pattern with digital motif, experimenting with line drawing into digital form to create soft, feminine, beautifully entangled designs.

Scoping out the fresh talent it soon becomes clear that for the surface designer the world is a canvas, any exterior that can be crafted, painted, developed, doodled, signatured in some way and for these designers there is a real creative instinct that promises to leave a mark.