Illustrator’s Portfolio 139: JUSTIN WALLIS

“Alright Cool” –  from Portraits Project

“Sum Kinda MILKBBI”

Age: 21

Nationality: American

Living in: the deep south of USA

“Sweet Home” 

What is in your sketchbook?

Yellow paper

“Baby 1” from MILK Babies Project

“Baby 8” from MILK Babies Project

Where do you illustrate?

On a big tall table in the kitchen because there are two big glass doors behind it & i like that

“Baby Boy”

“This is 4 U”

What inspires your work?

1998!! hmm a lot of things from when i was a kid, late 90s culture/fashion (including 60’s comeback) but not to be cool just to be comfy! Things like video games & warm colors or anything that makes me feel nostalgic & cozy. And Japanese street fashion is really nice


“Unicorn Kid”

What music do you listen to?

CIBO MATTO mostly!! Anything that sounds like that, something cool & silly

“Mono LUV”

“Baby 9” from MILK Babies Project

What did you have for breakfast?

Peanut butter & honey on toast with orange juice, trying to eat more raw honey