Illustrator’s Portfolio 140: ELENA BARRIO

“Pretty Lady”

Age:  21 

Nationality: American/ Argentinean

Living in: Charleston, South Carolina, USA




What is in your sketchbook?

I tend to sketch on random pieces of paper rather than a sketchbook. I mostly draw weird faces with big features.

“Guy with Hat”


Where do you illustrate?

Mostly during really dull classes. I’ve had many of those.


“Pretty Man”


What inspires your work?

Amazing artwork I see on blogs or online make me want to improve. Some people are so ridiculously talented.

“Sad Guy”



What music do you listen to?

It’s always changing. My favorite song right now is Stay Up Late by Talking Heads.

“Self Portrait“



What did you have for breakfast?

A McDonald’s Yoghurt Parfait at the Dallas, Texas airport.