Introducing Cornelia And Her Aquarius Dreams

Every so often here at Sketchbook, we get a rare opportunity to meet someone who, in our humble opinion, would be classed as a real rising star. So when we met briefly with a Swedish artist named Cornelia (at a New Year party in Paris last year), in an instant it was clear that we were in the presence of a ‘one to watch’. With over a decade’s industry experience under her belt and a record label to boot, it is clear that Cornelia – as a singer/songwriter/producer/DJ/occasional actress and founder of Camp Mozart record label – is truly a force to be reckoned with.

So when we were given the opportunity to go behind the scenes of her latest video for her current single - Aquarius Dreams - we could hardly contain our excitement; especially, as the concept of the video encompasses the illustrative/creative ethos of Sketchbook as a magazine.

On a sunny afternoon, we made our way to a studio in East London to meet with Martyn Thomas, the brains behind the concept for this “real meets dream” video. As one quarter of Stitch That TV, a production troupe based in East London, Martyn talked us through the various stages involved when putting such a range of complex techniques into practice; whilst also telling us about the inspiration behind the concept for the video, which can be seen here.

Having had some more background info into the making of the video, we squeezed our way into Cornelia’s hectic schedule – which sees her constantly shuttling in and out of Europe and beyond) – to have a 60 seconds catch up with her…

For those who may not already know, can you briefly tell us who is Cornelia?

I write songs, and in turn they rewrite me. I sing them. I sometimes play them… or just play with them. The song needs to be played with; it has its own character and feel.

Like plants, rabbits… they all need that arching fresh air to function.

How would you describe your sound?

Books I used to read as a kid. Travels. My home island. Big city life. It’s all in there. Somewhere between Dream Pop, Experitronica and Old Wave.

What inspired your new single Aquarius Dreams?

A time when I felt I had to choose between love and my love for music.

How did the concept for the video come about? 

Me and Martyn Thomas grew into deep conversation around Aquarius Dreams, and he told me how both lyrics and production made him want to capture it on camera. I think I mentioned how I tried to make the song sound like I was walking straight into a Mary Poppins painting of my own imagination. And so in the video, all living beings are animated, fictional characters while dead objects like robots and music boxes look perfectly real.

What can we next expect from the Camp Mozart collective?

Regular outbursts of light and sound.

What’s in your Sketchbook?

Today I’m working on a song for my friends in Portico Quartet. So far it’s nothing but a sketch, and we are very far away from applying the ink!


Words by: Keji Mustapha

Images by: Christopher Hunt -