Paul Costelloe SS12 – LFW Day 1

It was 8,20 in the morning when I walk through the front door of Somerset house on Friday for the commence of London Fashion Week. Busy PR’s were already running around, carrying the tiredness of days of preparation and some photographers were already preparing their equipment to catch for posterity the stylish efforts of hundreds of beautiful creatures that would stroll throughout the cobbles for 6 veery hectic days.
There were some changes to be seen ahead and bloggers of London were the ones to see it the most. Suffice to say, recession hits all worlds, and albeit the fashion universe reverberates wealth, savings and cuts are to be suffered by all industries in this competitive market.
One things that didn’t change was the opening act, once again,brought by the hand of Dublin born designer Paul Costelloe.

In the fresh eyes of the morning, Paul Costelloe’s collection shone. The womenswear was inspired in the Hollywood classic “What ever happened to baby Jane”, featuring ruffled necks, puffed sleeves, structured waists and childish shapes. Only one of the looks featured trousers and the hem lines were set high so better get those pins toned and ready for next season.

The colour palette was meticulous, clean and neutral throughout most of the show, with a few key pieces in green, pink and coral. The fabrics were in my view, carefully chosen to give an air of vintage Parisian chicness and making the pieces look elegant and classy.

The menswear collection brought a splash of colour with the use of magenta, pinks and purples. The tailoring was soft and the key fabric was linen (big YES to well tailored linen suits!) with pleated details in the back of coats and shirts.

The show finished with a smiling and warm salute from Paul Costelloe welcoming a season and welcoming us all -once again-to London Fashion Week.

It’s nice to see that in the always hectic changes of the fashion world, some things remain the same.

Words and photos: Mariana Moyano Menta   Follow me on twitter:!/emmes11