Françoise Nielly x IRMDESIGN – Paris

The recent Françoise Nielly x IRMDESIGN collaboration opened at la Galerie Menouar in Paris to a well dressed crowd greeted with champagne and canapés.

The collection was based on the literal interpretation of Françoise Neilly’s bright canvas paintings into a series of dresses by Marion Lalanne and Pierre Hermet, the up and coming duo behind IRMDESIGN.

The exhibition also featured IRMDESIGN’s own rope accessories and some of Nielly’s framed paintings, as opposed to the ones used to make the collection.

Check out more of Francoise Nielly’s work at la Galerie Menouar, 75003 Paris, between 27th November and 10 January, visit for the full collection.

Words: Frederic Bourgoin

Images:  Frederic Bourgoin, Coutesy of IRMDESIGN