London Life, Lagos Living, And Everything In Between


As summer comes to an end, and the evenings start to get darker, there are few things I look forward to more than the new season fashions and the start of new TV shows. The influx of lookbooks, autumn reads and coffee-table tomes are other highlights of the month of September onwards; and to get all three types of books in one, is a phenomenon which rarely occurs. So when we heard of a new self-published hardback – London Life, Lagos Living – penned by an Anglo-Nigerian author and his use of the phrase ‘Kilon Sparkles’ as a signature salutation, my intrigue led me to find out a little more.

London Life, Lagos Living is a ‘genre-bender’ and the brain child of PR expert, Bobo Omotayo which, was borne out of a series of short stories written for his column on Bella Naija, (under the name ‘The Renaissance Man’). The book is a collection of these stories, musings and more. It documents his experiences of work, life, love and social circles in two contrasting but equally cosmopolitan cities; and comes complete with a glossary providing definitions of slang and other colloquial sayings, specific to both London and Lagos.

The book is peppered with an array of art, illustration and photography – courtesy of a handful of international artists, photographers and illustrators such as Karo Akpokier; Osione Itegboje; Gbolahan Adams and Folarin Shasanya, to name but a few – and reflects Bobo’s love of these and other creative mediums. London Life, Lagos Living is one of a kind; a rare coffee-table style book with sharp and witty written content, full of several laugh-out-loud moments whilst also being aesthetically pleasing thanks to the assortment of eye-catching yet thought-provoking images. In a nutshell, this is one book that can be read in one sitting; read in part or simply flicked through, time and time again.

Words: Keji Mustapha

Images: www.kilonsparkles.com