Paris Fashion Week Men SS12 – Boris Bidjan Saberi


German-Iranian designer Boris Bidjan Saberi presents his latest collection comprised entirely of neutral tones; beige, grey and black. The clothes champion a kind of deconstructed simplicity, or rather sophisticated primacy; something reminiscent of a scene from a post-apocalyptic film. The

Illustrator’s Portfolio 131: ALI PYE


“a walk by the Thames” Age:  old enough to know better Nationality: British Living in: London “crows”   What is in your sketchbook? Birds, animals. Strange creatures from my imagination. illustrations for the book “who stole summer?” illustrations for the book

Rising to the Surface at LCC’s ‘Upsidedown’ Summer Show


On the 3rd floor of the Workshop Block at the University of Arts London College of Communication is a maze of imagination and inspiration. Running down corridors and overflowing in rooms are the designs and wares of the University’s current

Illustrator’s Portfolio 130: HELEN BUTLER


for a pop up book   Age:  22  Nationality:  White British Living in:  England What is in your sketchbook? My inner monologue. Drawings of people I see in town, on the bus or in cafes – and my thoughts about

Illustrator’s Portfolio 129: ROBERT TIRADO


“Circo Gooo” Age: 33 Nationality: Venezuelan Living in: Madrid, Spain “a bout the suflee” What is in your sketchbook? Reflections and thoughts. Like any sketchbook, it all starts with a empty paper sheet. When you’re in front of it, and

Sketchbook speaks alongside Monocle @ LCC


On a sunny Thursday evening earlier this month The University of the Arts hosted an speaker evening entitled New Opportunities in Publishing, to which Sketchbook Magazine was invited, alongside Andrew Tuck – Editor of Monocle Magazine; and Mia Bennett –

Illustrator’s Portfolio 128: MARIA CALEIS


from a series titled “rectas y curvas”   Age:34 Nationality: Spanish Living in: A Coruña, Spain from a series titled “Maria Antonieta today” from a series titled “Maria Antonieta today”   What is in your sketchbook? : Mainly female portraits. Where do

Illustrator’s Portfolio 127: ALEX HEDWORTH


Age: 24 Nationality: English Living in: Newcastle/London from the series “spaceman-cometh”   What is in your sketchbook? Life drawing/ observational drawing and random bits from my imagination from the series “spaceman-cometh”   Where do you illustrate? Currently I like to

Illustrator’s Portfolio 126: FAYE WEST


Meursault Age: 27 Nationality: British Living in: Devon Patrick Wolf   What is in your sketchbook? Girls and flowers, musicians and fashion. Maria   Where do you illustrate? In front of my PC or in bed. REI KAWAKUBO for Amelia’s

Illustrator’s Portfolio 125: KEANO ROSS


My Interpretation of the Beatles track Dear Prudence for a design on a vinyl cover Age:  18 Nationality: British Living in: Newcastle Upon-Tyne MJ – from a series titled Influencers What is in your sketchbook? Quirky illustrations with the odd