Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


With Christmas eve upon us and the new year just around the corner, we called on one of our favourite illustrators, Vicky Fallon (AKA Vicky Ink) to share with us the inspiration behind her beautiful illustrated greeting. Inspired by model

A Tradition Continued: Souk Al Mubarkiya – Kuwait

Souk Al Mubarrakiya

“Ask him where is he from?” I prompted my translator, Farida, who I bought along for good measure, although I spoke the native language fairly well. Farida translated the question to the shopkeeper, who appeared to be in his late

Representing Ideas Through Letters-Hala Ali


A break onto the contemporary art scene is nowadays being led by the works of a young generation of Saudi artists, ones that dedicate a great amount of time and energy in locating their culture at the heart of their

Illustrator’s Portfolio 149: Connie Lim


Age:  26 Nationality:  Korean American Living in:  London From: Los Angeles What is in your sketchbook? My sketchbook is full of life drawings, picture clippings, sketches of random people from cafes, airports, and doodles from my everyday life. Where do

Elevating the region to international standards – Ammar Al Aradi, a.k.a, Ammaro 456


Spending more time in the air than on the ground may be tiring for some, but for Bahraini multimedia entertainment mogul in-the-making, Ammar Al-Aradi, this is the only way up. Literally. With one foot firmly planted in the region’s simmering music scene

The mind behind the design – Lujain Abulfaraj


A future industry giant is born! Creative Director Lujain Abulfaraj and the Bin WTD family, as they would like to call themselves, have made waves in the Middle East by stripping away the glossy facade of contemporary architecture and exposed

Pretty Little Things Anniversary Exhibition – Kuwait


Shoppers flocked to the last day of the outdoor market organised by the Pretty Little Things organisation at Salhiya Complex in Kuwait. The market opened on the 4th of December and is held in honour of the orginizations one year

Architect in training-Maitham Al Mubarak


Aspiring young Bahraini architect in training, Maitham Al Mubarak is an inspiring young talent that has done more to develop and improve his skills to it’s full potential. Maitham describes himself as a ‘super visual person,’ and as such has

An Enchanted Evening At Foyles


  Dragons, villains, castles and damsels in distress have always been features of many a fairytale for the last two centuries thanks to the Brothers Grimm. To mark this outstanding contribution, Friday evening saw a gregarious gaggle of guests take

Sketchbook Scribble #3: Markets, Souqs and Bazaars, Oh my!

Reem Al Hajri's Scribble

During December, Sketchbook is drawing from an age old tradition that’s been going strong since the civilised world came to be. The outdoor market has recently been over shadowed by the contemporary indoor shopping mall, however it has been a