LFW A/W 2012 Day One: Ada Zanditon

With a fresh collection and continued collaboration with green cleaning company Ecover in their ‘Wear and Care’ campaign, Ada Zanditon is fast becoming the go to girl of eco fashion.

For A/W 2012, the designer, whose collections are made from sustainably sourced materials and fabrics, makes us question the human race’s thirst for technology and the consequences of this thirst never being satiated as we mine the earth’s minerals at the expense of the habitat of primate species like the gorilla.

Introduced as a film presentation in the intimate Canon Screening Room at Somerset House, directed by Thomas Knights ‘Simia Minerals’ (meaning ape of the mineral – the human race) sees our heroine plunged into a gothic nightmare echoing the chaos and conflict of our species and using our consciousness to shape the future and awake anew.

The collection itself explores this conflict in a palette of reds, greys and blacks across a contrast of structured dresses with statement squared shoulders against fluid folds and flowing gowns inspired by the Victorian era, all crowned with ethereal floral headpieces.

For her signature use of print Zanditon employs the vision of atomic level metal structures and the earth’s layers intertwined with geometric detailing.

Using fair-trade organic velvet, English woven wools, up-cycled Chanel tweed, eel skin and vegetable tan leather to create an artfully feminine, yet modern collection, Ada Zanditon has got us in an environmentally friendly spin.


Film Stills: captured from Thomas Knights ‘Simia Minerals’

Images: Courtesy of Felicities Ltd.