New York: Third Annual Zine and Self-Published Photo Book Fair

From July 27th – 29th the Camera Club New York hosted the third annual zine and self published photo book fair. The opening night was held on the friday at printed matter in Chelsea, and over the weekend the event was at the Camera Club headquarters. I dropped by the opening to check it out.

Books are one thing I really like… really like, not just to read, but the craft of them, the choice of binding to fit a particular style/theme of book, the paper selection, the design, the choice of colours etc. To walk in to an event in a book store like this (don’t get me started on how great of a book store printed matter is) but to walk in and flick through such beautifully designed and well thought out books knowing that each one was self published or even hand made, left me extremely inspired to create something off my own.

It was hard to distinguish what was part of the exhibition and what was just in the store, however this didn’t really matter because everything was great. The stand outs for me were;

Sad, depressed people, published by New Documents
This was a selection of stock images of sad and depressed people, it was actually quite funny, all images were pixelated and the water marks left on them from the stock library they were taken from.

The other, which was most definitely my favorite, (and please forgive me if this was just stocked in the store and not a part of the event) John Baldessari: Brown and Green and Other Parables.
This was amazing, the images, the copy, the layout, everything… fantastic!

It’ll be another year, but I strongly suggest any bibliophiles drop by. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally get my act together and sell a book there next year!