Intern Sushi – Video Resumés on the Menu for Today’s Young Hopefuls

Considering the prevalent role of the intern industry within many contemporary creative companies, a user-friendly systematic approach to the selection process for clients and interns a like seems a well over-due stroke of genius. Intern Sushi reinvents the internship application and hiring process in order to connect the most talented interns with the best companies in the hardest-to-break-into industries. In the digital age, the paper resume is rather limited and passé; Intern Sushi provides the brightest, creative interns with an effective multimedia platform with which to showcase themselves, exposing them to talent hunters for leading companies.

The individuals behind this innovative venture certainly know their stuff. Co-Founder Mark Gordon is an award-winning producer with more than 70 motion picture and television projects to his credit, and Co-Founder Richard Gelb has extensive experience as an advertising account executive, counting Calvin Klein as a client. Co-Founder and CEO Shara Senderoff used her personal experience as an intern to springboard into an impressive career in the media and film industry, inspiring her to create Intern Sushi.

Intern Sushi fully utilizes multiplatform media and digital technology to enhance and streamline the internship showcasing of talent to prospective companies. Similarly, the interface and format is highly client-friendly, allowing both the intern and the client paramount access to the best and most suitable selection of talent and companies. The appeal is heightened by interactive elements, and site messaging opens new channels of networking and communication, connecting those seeking career relationships, information and guidance.

The ethos behind the name is that both interns and companies deserve to “be picky” within their mutual selection process (akin to a sushi menu) and Intern Sushi provides the comprehensive tools with which each party can make the optimum selection. A haven for new talent in the digital age, Senderoff’s success is exemplary of what can be gained by attaining the right internship.