London’s Calling for the House of Sunny

Coco Chanel, the industry icon who crafted the modern woman’s suit and turned it into a signature piece that prevails today, reminded us that as ‘fashion passes, style remains’.  Today, burgeoning London designer Sunny Williams and his label House of Sunny are holding true to wise words as he takes British women’s tailoring in a new direction that leaves fashion behind and transcends the seasons.

Graduating first in his class and honing his skills on Savile Row, the stomping ground of the great British tailor; it’s no surprise that this garment artiste is causing a stir. Tailoring is the axis of design and the House of Sunny are grounding it in sleek, fresh lines and contemporary silhouettes with feminine edge.


Crafted and calculated with artistic precision, each piece is cut like an elegant puzzle that seamlessly fits together. Inspired by the Fibonacci method and the urban nature of the city, perfectly pleated cropped cigarette pants pair with soft yet strongly structured blazers fitted with single tone silk panels that draw the eye in to take a closer look at the finer detail. This is what Sunny Williams is doing through his designs, drawing us into his world of storytelling and asking us to open our eyes to the world around us; past, present and future.

The 2013 collection of this quintessentially British brand is disciplined yet directional, luxurious yet functional, and lined with the House of Sunny emblem for a truly signature style. With bright block colours echoing the palette of the British flag, burning reds and electric blues light the night sky and call up the original colour blocking movement of 1960’s mods, punched with sharp black and white monochrome chic.  Houndstooth tessellations explore the mathematical, natural and historical pattern making and find home alongside the vibrant hues on fresh cut suit separates to tell the story of modern London and the House of Sunny girl who inhabits it. She is bold and intelligent, dresses with intensity; she follows her instincts and follows her heart. She knows that exquisitely tailored clothing can change the way she feels and moves as she tells her own story.

This is just the beginning. As the House of Sunny story unfolds and grows collection by collection, with such detailed simplicity, luxurious fabrics and effortless elegance, these are not just pieces for the now but also, for the future. The likes of the kiss curl cigarette suit, with its contrast signature panelling and elegant charcoal black lines, and the fierce red poetry jacket with its strong lapel detail and ability to draw together any ensemble, are destined to be the heritage pieces that underpin what this brand is to become.  For the House of Sunny, the future of British tailoring is bright.


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