Yasmeen Bader

Summer holidays, something that every student looks forward to. And just like everyone else, I couldn’t wait to start mine! Yet this time, it was very different than the previous years. I got the chance to work at a great design agency named Obai and Hill.

On my first day at the office, excitement filled me yet a notch of nervousness still existed, but I was ready to do whatever was asked from me. On the first week, I had to upload articles from the old Sketchbook site into the new one. That week though was one of my favorite weeks at work, being part of the Sketchbook and seeing it come online. The excitement on everyone’s face, the tweets and lovely comments people were leaving. I was thrilled to be there, to see it and be part of all of it.

Weeks went by, and each day I learnt something new. New things about the job and new things about myself. I had a clearer vision of what I want to be in the future. I learnt many things about design, art and magazines and how challenging they actually are.

I’m thankful for this opportunity! It’s something that I will always remember and hold onto.