Veja AW ’12 Collection

Hemp, hessian and hippies will be the last things springing to mind when you take a look at the ethically angelic Veja AW12 accessories collection hitting down this season. Centred around slick bold design and luxury look leather, this stylish French brand perfects fashion with a conscience, channelled through a must-have collection of trainers and accessories.

With the help of French designer and editor, Domino Lattes, the collection has been created out of a neon and fluro palette, with grey and muted contrasts to give it the undeniable blueprint of understated French chic. As proven by Isabel Marant’s iconic wedge heeled trainers last season when it comes to understated urban footwear, the French do it best and with an eclectic cocktail of inspiration from American hip hop to luxury vintage, Domino has conjured up two pairs of irresistibly wearable statement high-tops.

The leather pieces which are conscientiously tanned using vegetable dyes, harmonise a hybrid of statement block colours and multi coloured patterns, as well as some delicious natural caramel and liquorice black shades too.

The brand’s ethical principles revolve around respect for their craftsmen and the ecological impact of the materials they source. For example, their organic cotton is bought from one of the poorest regions in Brazil, meaning that their business helps to keep an income flowing for many families and the rubber used on their trainers has been responsibly sourced and bought at fair, premium prices from rubber tappers in the Amazon. Their products are made in Brazil too, where they enforce a strict respect of worker’s rights and dignity; even the distribution of their goods back over on French turf is ethically minded as they rely on a reintegration through work programme to staff their storage and delivery needs.

Now available at ASOS as well as being stocked in Selfridges, wouldn’t you love to be walking a little lighter knowing that your fashionable feet are doing the world a favour too?