Illustrator’s Portfolio 146: SARAH HANKINSON


Age: 30

Nationality: Australian

Living in: Melbourne

What is in your sketchbook?

Watercolour samples, quickly drawn ideas and reference images. I tend to go straight into final drawings so don’t use my sketchbook as frequently as I should!

Where do you illustrate?

I illustrate in my studio in Melbourne called The Windsor Workshop ( I love working alongside other artists and find it a inspiring and productive workspace.

 What inspires your work?

I could spend hours on end looking on blogs, fashion and beauty sites but they really do inspire me! Beautiful fashion photography inspires me but so do many other things more indirectly such as fabrics, exhibitions, color combinations, different cultures, an amazing garment, movies and music. I love the freedom and confidence of Julie Verhoeven and Kat Mcleod’s illustrations. They are so simple yet so striking. There are so many illustrators out there doing amazing thingsinclusing other Melbourne artists including miso, ghostpatrol, kat mcleod, and eveline tarunadjaja. Its so inspiring to live in a city full of such illustration talent…


What music do you listen to? My music taste is vary varied! I go from Beirut, to Otis Redding and Kanye West to Fleetwood Mac!

What did you have for breakfast? I had smashed avocado and feta on sourdough – was delish!



Check out more of Sarah’s work at and follow her on twitter @sarahankinson.

  • anto

    I absolutely love Sarah’s work and her interview is really inspiring.

  • TerryBear

    I came here for the first sketch. It’s beautiful.