Illustrator’s Portfolio 147: DAVID ISTIVAN

Age: 30

Nationality: Hungarian

Living in: Slovenia/Romania


What is in your sketchbook?

My sketchbook consists of sheets of paper spread all around my studio and constantly changing. Depending on the mood and projects I am sketching they range from expressive portraits from everyday life, friends, sport games, cult imagery, ordinary objects that inspire me, nature, typography and lettering.


Where do you illustrate?

Since 2010 I illustrate more regularly for Tribuna cult newspaper based in Ljubljana/Slovenia, which I have already received a few prizes for including “the best designed Newspaper” title at the 5th Biennial of the Slovene Visual Communications.

What inspires your work?

Very good creative art directors in combination with my long experience in the visual communication and aesthetic field. On the other hand of course everything can inspire you to create something beautiful.


What music do you listen to?

When I am working in the studio most of the time I listen to music, but sometimes music can break my concentration. It depends what I am working on and how challenging the brief is.

I have a very large spectrum of music preferences from Jazz, electronic, psychedelic, hip-hip, electro-swing, surf music, chill-out, retro sounds, rockabilly and so on…

What did you have for breakfast?

Usually my breakfast is a huge cup of Italian brand coffee, but when I have time I like to prepare breakfast with eggs, toast bread, butter and avocado.