COMPETITION: Minnie Goes to London Fashion Week – VOTING

A huge thank you to all the illustrator’s who entered our Minne Goes to London Fashion Week competition! We were overwhelmed with entries and are still ooh-ing and ah-ing over all the beautiful illustrations that came our way.

It wasn’t easy, but we’ve narrowed down our favourites, and voting is now OPEN!

Remember, the illustration with the highest number of likes will be the winner so head to our Facebook page to “like” your favourite illustration and cast your vote!

Voting will close on Tuesday October 9th.

Good luck everybody!

Illustrations by MeiZheng Xu


Illustrations by E Thomas

The first illustration emphasis  Minnie Mouse’s silhouette, signature bows and polka dots using the most recognisable of Minnie’s colour palettes of red, black, white and yellow (for the shoes).

The second illustration uses elements of Minnie Mouse’s silhouette, signature bows and polka dots but aims to capture the cheeky side of Minnie’s personality through exaggerated elements (the bow in the hair, the hair style and the bloomers). It also aims to highlight that Minnie’s colour palette goes beyond the trade mark red, black, white and yellow and embraces one of the other colours she is often seen in pink.

Illustrations by Sarah Rosado

Minnie mouse lovers can enjoy their favorite character with inspirational attire that’s playful and at the same time fashionable.  I created two outfits that can be used for either a daytime social gathering or a fun night out in the town.

Illustration by Connie Lim

This is my interpretation of Minnie goes to LFW. I think being minnie mouse,you think of cute and adorable, but I wanted to do actually just the opposite. As a fashion girl who has Minnie characteristics but brings the sexy aspect with it. I think it gives a different view and perception of Minnie which I think drawing can do effectively. I used pencil and Prisma color pencil on Moleskin paper.

Illustration by Mariska Carvaho

“I remember dressing up as Minnie Mouse when I was a little girl, in red  and white polka dots and bows. I’ve grown up now and wanted to depict my childhood fascination as a more sophisticated, mature extension of my being.”


Illustration by Jessica Kemp

Inspired by Minnie Mouse Circa 1950, Kimbra and an illustration by Antonio Lopez I wanted to produce something that was fun, but had a bit of a sexy twist whilst still keeping true to Minnie herself.

Illustration by Dominic Evans

Illustration by Reem Al-Hajri

 Interpreting ‘Minnie Goes to LFW’ in a fashion illustration was 80% intuition [as I've grown up with Minnie on TV] and  20% technique [composition decisions and proportions]. And ultimately extremely fun to do. I wanted to capture a narrative balancing contrasts like the good girly girl image[with the polkadot shirt] and the rebellious kind [the messy hair, mickey's biker jacket - notice the heart detail on the sleeve].I wanted to portray Minnie in a light that felt relatable, as a human figure with a hint of her trademark ears made by the lifted shades. I believe it’s an image that fits right into our time and the image of a woman being able to be both powerful and feminine. A modern multidimensional Minnie.

Illustration by Maria Stroe

How I see the perfect Minnie inspired outfit for LFW.


Illustration by Kamaira Anderson

This illustration was inspired by ‘Vintage Minnie’ and was created using biro on paper.


Illustration by Sarah Dahl

Minnie Mouse, first drawn in the 20′s, has astonishingly enduring style.  I, like many of today’s women and girls, grew up with her and am still inspired by her independence, vivid Technicolor hues, feminine silhouette, signature lashes, iconic bow and polka dots – it all lends itself easily to everything from designer reinterpretations to marketing icons.  Minnie effortlessly shows her many faces and moods that reveal her to be the multi-faceted female character she always was: adventurous, silly, flirty, wistful, vampy, dainty, pouty, distressed, livid, bossy, creative, joyful, athletic, studious, playful, and in love… so naturally she needs a vast wardrobe to match!  This is why, nearly a century later we are all still so fascinated by Minnie… she is classic and an original, yet her signature style easily adapts over the decades.  She is us in Technicolor.

Illustration by Ashwathy Shyamkumar

The 2 designs are inspired by Minne in London. One is a glam party wear with a sequinned skirt and the other is a mix print on print outfit. Keeping in mind that conversational prints are big, the minnie printed gingham shirt is a funky separate!

The key item would be the Minnie ear jacket. My designs are fresh, fun and quirky.

Illustration by Eva Wilson

As Minnie is considered a nostalgic figure, I gained influence from Vintage and Pinup styles for these illustrations. Her vibrant red and polka dots are expressed in these and her signature bow, while red and vibrant in one, is also seen in delicate detail in the other.

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