Stitching Pictures by Sandeep Jandu

Sandeep Jandu, who graduated from Goldsmiths with a degree in media and communications, specialising in illustration, has wasted no time pushing her innovative ideas and the boundaries of mixed medium art.

And so we have it, Stitching Pictures, a beautifully innovative book showing how to use stitch on pretty much anything!

Stitching paper, fabric and even ceramics, the book will surely expand your perceptions of what you can create through this method. But that’s not all, Stitching pictures also urges you to explore and combine stitch with other creative practices such as mono printing and stencilling.

The book acts as a gentle guide encouraging you to get practical with it’s theories, seven possible projects are included for starting points, and it’s up to you to go wherever you want with them!

 Stitching Pictures is now available to buy online from Amazon UK.