The Unseen – Inside the Sketchbook of Sarah Sajid

Graphic and Media Design student Sarah Sajid was kind enough to give us an exclusive look into her Sketchbook where she documented the evolution of her latest project entitled “The Unseen”. 

I began this project a few months ago and it started as a narrative exploration of what I imagined to happen in the cocoon of a caterpillar. It seemed quite peculiar subject matter but I was fascinated by something I could not see.

The unseen will always create curiosity but what about the aspects we miss amongst things we see everyday?


This could be the chemical reactions which occur in an intricate cocoon or it could be something available to us everyday but we have never given it any attention.

Do we miss design day-to-day? The beauty in the hidden spaces whether it be the manmade or the naturally occurring patterns. And essentially how they transpire in design, specifically the reuse and modification of everyday ‘hidden’ patterns unconsciously mirrored in design.

So to push this project almost back into reality I began to investigate the patterns that surround us, closing in on details and essentially creating a more abstract view of things that surround us.

Every image is a close up of something we all recognise, a visual analysis of their physical construction.

To see more of Sarah’s work, check out her portfolio and blog.