Illustrator’s Portfolio 149: Connie Lim




Korean American

Living in: 



Los Angeles

What is in your sketchbook?

My sketchbook is full of life drawings, picture clippings, sketches of random people from cafes, airports, and doodles from my everyday life.

Where do you illustrate?

I’m always drawing in cafes, I do enjoy a good cuppa, and ambience to get me into the mood. I love busy areas, as people watching is one of my favorite things to do.

What inspires your work?

I think the everyday life I experience, see and feel effects a large part of my work. I do look at current fashion but at the same time refer back to the masters such as Mucha, Klimt, and Egon Schiele. Living in London has made a great impact as well, I think the rich fashion culture, architecture, and the creative scene is indeed an influence.

What music do you listen to?

I have some of my favorites, but in general it ranges from a bit of electro and 80’s music, dubstep, and classical to jazz.

What did you have for breakfast? I’m American, so I gotta have my pancakes!

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