Sketchbook Scribble #3: Markets, Souqs and Bazaars, Oh my!

During December, Sketchbook is drawing from an age old tradition that’s been going strong since the civilised world came to be. The outdoor market has recently been over shadowed by the contemporary indoor shopping mall, however it has been a source of inspiration for many fashionistas and artists alike.

Reem Al Hajri’s Scribble

You’d be surprised at what you can find at market after adding modern twists and touches to it. The chosen scribble exemplifies the true colourful, vibrant and eclectic spirit of outdoor markets, bazaars and arab souqs. We asked illustrators Tulip Hazbar and Reem Al Hajri to come up with a series of scribbles.

Reem Al Hajri 

Tulip’s take on this months theme


To see more of Tulip and Reem’s work visit the links below: