Wafa AlObaidat Speaks at University of Bahrain

Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief of Obai & Hill and Sketchbook was Wafa AlObaidat invited to speak at the University of Bahrain’s 3rd annual Architectural Forum.

During her talk she emphasised on the power of the studio space off the back of her experience when she studied interior design at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. The concept of space is truly a luxury in places like the UK and Europe where living spaces such as houses and apartments are small enough to accommodate the necessities. Only the the extremely elite and wealthy have the privilege of affording to live in sprawling houses and mansions.  As such, every opportunity that was afforded to use space in design school students utilised to it’s fullest. They used wall space to pinn things, hallways were used for installations and projects were built in stairwells.

In addition to utilising space, Wafa noted that maximising recourses was key and that sketching and drawing are the easiest way to express yourself. This was the idea that planted the seed that would later lead to Sketchbook Magazine. She further inspired her listeners when she noted that one does not have to be good at art to be creative.

After establishing Sketchbook in the UK and organising pop up shops, Wafa was eventually approached by various boroughs in London who lined up to offer her free spaces to be innovative and create something young, fresh and dynamic.

At the end of the lecture, Wafa encouraged youngsters to come speak to her and answered their questions on design school, studios and entrepreneurship.